Christianity, Islam, and the Victory of Mary


Christianity, Islam, and the Victory of Mary


In this course you will learn the real truth about Islam. the power, beauty and unique invitation God offers each person through Jesus Christ.

You’ll also find out more about the way in which the ultimate victory will be won by Mary.

This course contains ten lessons in digital mp3 format, as well as lesson notes to accompany the audio.

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Lesson 1 - The Enemy, God the Father and Divine Son-ship

Lesson 2 - The Rise of Christianity

Lesson 3 - Mohammad and Islam

Lesson 4 - The Rise of Islam

Lesson 5 - Jihad, the Crusades and Our Response

Lesson 6 - The Victory of Mary

Lesson 7 - Why Mary?

Lesson 8 - The Call of the Mother of God

Lesson 9 - Fatima, Consecration and the Triumph of Mary

Lesson 10 - Summing It All Up