The Standard of Happiness: Virtue and Catholic Morality


The Standard of Happiness: Virtue and Catholic Morality


Are you searching for true happiness? We live in a world that is so complex it is hard to see clear choices. The desire for happiness is what motivates our actions, and our actions are what determine whether we obtain happiness or not. Consequently, we must perfect our actions and properly order them toward true happiness.

Discover God's true vision for us in this book authored by John-Mark L. Miravelle. Explore the Church's teachings that will guide you in knowing what to do to obtain true happiness in you life.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - THE HUMAN QUEST FOR HAPPINESS - Why Do We Do Things?

Chapter 2 - THE NATURE OF VIRTUE - How to Attain Happiness

Chapter 3 - PRUDENCE - Smart Living

Chapter 4 - PRUDENCE, Part II - Making Sure You Don't Choose Something Wrong

Chapter 5 - JUSTICE - Our Obligations to God and Neighbor

Chapter 6 - JUSTICE, Part II - Our Obligations to Societies

Chapter 7 - FORTITUDE - The Determination to Become Happy

Chapter 8 - TEMPERANCE - Avoiding Ruin

Chapter 9 - THE DIVINE GOOD - This World is Not Enough

Chapter 10 - FAITH - Accepting God's Truth

Chapter 11 - HOPE - Striving for Heaven

Chapter 12 - CHARITY - Loving as God Loves