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Under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit and through the intervention of Saints Cosmas and Damian and in collaboration with the Kansas City Medical Association and the male branch of the Apostles of the Interior Life, we have developed a program called "First Saturdays" to address the formation needs of our area Catholic doctors. This grass roots initiative helps doctors reconnect with Christ and His church by providing a combination of Mass, reconciliation, and a 30-40 minute catechesis.

The annual program cost for this 9-session cycle beginning in September is $300 for Doctors and $50 for all other Health Care Professionals.  Medical students may attend at no charge, CMA will sponsor the annual program cost. Spouses and children are encouraged to attend and are included as part of your registration fee. If you are just joining us, you may pro-rate your program cost based on the number of sessions left.

The program will cover a broad range of medical and spiritual topics related to all of the contemporary issues facing Catholic doctors today. This will be an interactive format with Catholic catechesis and discussion. The goal is to light the fire of the Holy Spirit in area Catholic docs and to integrate Christ and His Church fully into their practice. Little by little, this will transform our families, our parishes, our practices and our hospitals. Organized and united in Truth, Catholic physicians with the authority of the CMA, the spirituality of the School of faith, and the full support of both dioceses, will transform the next 100 years of healthcare in our country, starting here in the heartland, here in Kansas City.