About Us

School of Faith offers doctrinal and spiritual formation for Catholics through catechetical programs that stress the call to prayer, virtue, and holiness of life, with a particular emphasis on mentoring those who have the responsibility to teach the faith to others, with the goal of renewing the culture of our Catholic schools and individuals.

As a public association of the faithful, School of Faith is formally commissioned to teach Catholic doctrine in the name of the Church. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City is the chairman of our board of directors and directly oversees our activity. 

In a recent address to Catholic school administrators, Archbishop Naumann emphasized that among their many responsibilities “the most important one that you are involved in is the formation of our faculties and helping each member of that faculty to be part of this team that is focused on one thing--that is, bringing the love of Christ to the young people that are entrusted to your care. And, in addition to that, bringing and making real that love of Christ to them, passing-on with fidelity the truth of our Catholic faith to them.”

In our own experience, “teaching the teachers” has proven to be a godly use of our resources, as we’re training others who in turn will bring the faith to tens of thousands of young people throughout our archdiocese.

School of Faith serves in all 44 archdiocesan schools, as well as nine parishes and the St. Lawrence Center at the University of Kansas. Because of the hunger for the catechetical services provided by School of Faith we are extending our reach beyond archdiocesan boundaries. Through our collaboration with My Faith Delivered, we have developed two state-of-the-art online courses, Faith Foundations I and II.